Grant and Twain – The Later Years

Ulysses Grant died in 1885.  He labored through the end stages of throat cancer while he completed his great Memoirs, and one of the people at his side (some of the time) was his publisher.  Mark Twain had become acquainted with Grant somehow – when Grant was President these were two of the most famous people in America.  Twain ?????? ?????? was dabbling in 15_thumbpublishing, and offered Grant a deal that was better for Grant than what the competition offered.  He encouraged his writing.  He probably kept Grant alive for a time, while Grant struggled to salvage his family”s financial health.

We like to point to the coincidences of Missouri history.   This is an interesting one, although neither Grant nor Twain had considered themselves Missourians for many years when they had this encounter.  But how strong was the connection between these men?  Fact is the connection goes all the way back to Missouri”s Civil War.  That”s what this topic is about.

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